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You may also view my papers (with some redundancies) at Google Scholar.

In approximate reverse chronological order of publication/submission. Many of the preprints have better formatting than the journal article, because of publication nonsense.
  1. GM Chou, NE Bush, RS Phillips, NA Baertsch, KD Harris. Modeling effects of variable preBötzinger complex network topology and cellular properties on opioid-induced respiratory depression and recovery. eNeuro 22 January 2024, ENEURO.0284-23.2023. [preprint] [journal]
  2. KD Harris, O López, A Read, Y Zhu. Spectral gap-based deterministic tensor completion. In proceedings, SampTA 2023. [preprint] [proceedings]
  3. M Xie, S Muscinelli, KD Harris, A Litwin-Kumar. Task-dependent optimal representations for cerebellar learning. eLife 12:e82914. 2023. [preprint] [journal]
  4. S Daetwiler, A Read, J Stillwell, KD Harris. BrainViewer: interacting with spatial connectome data at the mesoscale. [preprint][code]
  5. B Pandey, M Pachitariu, BW Brunton, KD Harris. Structured random receptive fields enable informative sensory encodings. PLoS Comput Biol 18(10): e1010484. 2022. [journal] [preprint]
  6. KD Harris, Y Zhu. Deterministic tensor completion with hypergraph expanders. SIAM Mathematics of Data Science 3(4), 1117-1140. 2021. [journal] [preprint]
  7. KD Harris, A Aravkin, R Rao, BW Brunton. Time-varying Autoregression with Low Rank Tensors. SIAM Applied Dynamical Systems 20(4), 2335--2358. 2021. [journal] [preprint]
  8. G Brito, I Dumitriu, KD Harris. Spectral gap in random bipartite biregular graphs and applications. Combinatorics, Probability & Computing. 2021. [journal] [preprint]
  9. WS DeWitt, KD Harris, AP Ragsdale, K Harris. Joint nonparametric coalescent inference of mutation spectrum history and demography. PNAS 118 (21) e2013798118. 2021. [journal] [preprint]
  10. SM Hirsh, KD Harris, JN Kutz, BW Brunton. Centering Data Improves the Dynamic Mode Decomposition. SIAM Applied Dynamical Systems 19(3), 1920-1955. 2020. [journal] [preprint]
  11. KD Harris. Additive function approximation in the brain. NeurIPS Real Neurons and Hidden Units workshop. 2019. [proceedings] [preprint]
  12. P Kürschner, S Dolgov, KD Harris, P Benner. Greedy low-rank algorithm for smooth connectome regression. J Mathematical Neuroscience 9: 9. 2019. [journal] [preprint]
  13. J Knox, KD Harris, N Graddis, JD Whitesell, H Zeng, JA Harris, E Shea-Brown, S Mihalas. High resolution data-driven model of the mouse connectome. Network Neuroscience 3(1), 217-236. 2019. [journal] [preprint] [Supplemental code]
  14. KD Harris. This Brain Is a Mess: Inference, Random Graphs, and Biophysics to Disentangle Neuronal Networks. University of Washington Ph.D. Thesis. 2017. [thesis] [local copy]
  15. KD Harris, T Dashevskiy, J Mendoza, AJ Garcia III, J-M Ramirez, E Shea-Brown. Different roles for inhibition in the rhythm-generating respiratory network. J Neurophysiology 118(4), 2070-2088. 2017. [reprint] [journal] [arXiv] [Supplemental code]
  16. A Litwin-Kumar, KD Harris, R Axel, H Sompolinsky, LF Abbott. Optimal Degrees of Synaptic Connectivity. Neuron 93, 1153-1164. 2017. [journal] [reprint]
  17. KD Harris, S Mihalas, ET Shea-Brown. Nonnegative spline regression of incomplete tracing data reveals high resolution neural connectivity. NIPS, 2016. [arXiv] [Supplemental code]
  18. PS Dodds, EM Clark, S Desu, MR Frank, AJ Reagan, JR Williams, L Mitchell, KD Harris, IM Kloumann, JP Bagrow, K Megerdoomian, MT McMahon, BF Tivnan, CM Danforth. Human language reveals a universal positivity bias. PNAS 112(8), 2389–2394. 2015. [ journal] [preprint] [critique by Garcia et al.] [response to Garcia et al.]
  19. KD Harris, PS Dodds, CM Danforth. Dynamical influence processes on networks: General theory and applications to social contagion. Phys Rev E 88, 022816. 2013. [reprint] [journal] [arxiv]
  20. L Mitchell, MR Frank, KD Harris, PS Dodds, CM Danforth. The Geography of Happiness: Connecting Twitter sentiment and expression, demographics, and objective characteristics of place. PLoS ONE 8(5): e64417. 2013. [journal] [arXiv]
  21. PS Dodds, KD Harris, CM Danforth. Limited Imitation Contagion on Random Networks: Chaos, Universality, and Unpredictability. Phys Rev Lett 110, 158701. 2013. [reprint] [journal] [arXiv]
  22. CA Bliss, IM Kloumann, KD Harris, CM Danforth, PS Dodds. Twitter reciprocal reply networks exhibit assortativity with respect to happiness. Journal of Computational Science 3(5), 388–397. 2012. [journal] [arXiv]
  23. KD Harris, E-H Ridouane, D Hitt, and CM Danforth. Predicting flow reversals in chaotic natural convection using data assimilation. Tellus A 64, 17598. 2012. [reprint] [journal] [arXiv]
  24. N Allgaier, KD Harris, CM Danforth. Empirical Correction of a Toy Climate Model. Phys Rev E 85, 026201. 2012. [reprint] [arXiv]
  25. IM Kloumann, CM Danforth, KD Harris, CA Bliss, PS Dodds. Positivity of the English language. PLoS ONE 7(1): e29484. 2012. [journal] [arXiv (preferred)]
  26. PS Dodds, KD Harris, IM Kloumann, C Bliss, CM Danforth. Temporal patterns of happiness and information in a global social network: Hedonometrics and Twitter. PLoS ONE 6(12): e26752. 2011. [journal] [arXiv (preferred)]
  27. JL Payne, KD Harris, PS Dodds. Exact solutions for social and biological contagion models on mixed directed and undirected, degree-correlated random networks. Phys Rev E 84, 016110. 2011. [reprint] [arXiv]
  28. PS Dodds, KD Harris, and JL Payne. Direct, physically motivated derivation of the contagion condition for spreading processes on generalized random networks. Phys Rev E 83, 056122. 2011. [reprint] [arXiv]
  1. PS Dodds, KD Harris, JL Payne. Direct, physically motivated derivation of triggering probabilities for spreading processes on generalized random networks. 2011. [e-print]

Here's a visualization of my (somewhat out-of-date) paper-coauthor collaboration network, thanks to Florian Klimm.

It's a bipartite graph. The papers are orange and collaborators blue.